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Configuration Closures
February 6th, 2021 Code , PHP
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Nearly every application in existence requires some form of configuration. After all, no two instances of the same app are exactly the same. The "tried and true" (read "quick and dirty") way of doing this has conventionally been with arrays. This works well for most basic configuration values of scalar types, however, sometimes it may be necessary to configure complex objects.

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Run Composer Binaries From Project Directories
December 4th, 2020 Linux , PHP
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As a PHP developer I often find myself having to run executable files installed to a project via Composer (e.g. php-cs-fixer, phpunit, psysh, etc.). These binary files typically reside in vendor/bin relative to the root of a project and in order to run these binary files from the project root I would need to cd into the vendor/bin directory first or type out the relative path (e.g. vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix) every time I wanted to run one of these executables.

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Scheduled Tasks with Systemd Timers
October 31st, 2020 Linux
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Use a Linux system long enough and eventually you'll need to schedule a recurring task. Of course the defacto scheduler is cron (and there's nothing inherently wrong with it) but I've grown to like the flexibility and features of systemd timers. Some of the benefits they provide over cron include:

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azPHP Presentation: Don't Fear the RegEx

Check out my presentation from the October 2020 azPHP meetup: Don't Fear the RegEx, a crash corse on regular expressions.

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Directory Lister 3 (beta) is here!

I'm excited to announce the immediate availability of Directory Lister 3 Beta for testing and feedback. Everyone is encouraged to download the Directory Lister 3 beta and start testing today. Head on over to to get started.

Directory Lister 3

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