Freelance Software Developer @ Roave

September 2019 - Current Remote

  • PHP software development.

PHP Laravel Docker

Senior Software Engineer @ Freedom Financial Network

July 2017 - September 2019 Tempe, Arizona

  • Developed, managed and maintained business-critical RESTful Laravel PHP applications and infrastructure.
  • Developed continuous integration solutions for delivering micro-service architecture hosted on Google Cloud Platform and Google Kubernetes Engine.

PHP Laravel Docker Google Cloud Platform Google Kubernetes Engine

Software Development Engineer @ IO Data Center

July 2015 - March 2017 Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Planned, designed and developed second iteration of the PHP based customer authentication and management portal built on the Laravel MVC framework.
  • Consumed Okta REST API to implement authentication and authorization and identity management within a custom-built customer web portal.

PHP Laravel HTML CSS Sass / SCSS Composer Packagist

Cloud Engineer @ IO Data Center

June 2014 - July 2015 Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Automated the continuous deployment of Arch Linux-backed, OpenStack instances via SaltStack.
  • Built Arch Linux images with Packer for PXE booting cloud servers and infrastructure.
  • Deployed Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana monitoring platform in a Docker-backed, containerized environment.
  • Deployed Consul scripts written in Python for monitoring service usage and alerting on service warnings/failure.
  • Locally built and tested cloud instances in Vagrant test environments.

OpenStack SaltStack Linux Python Docker Vagrant

Web Application Developer @ Arizona State University

April 2011 - June 2014 Phoenix, Arizona

  • Designed and developed a new iteration of the PHP based learning management system built on the CakePHP MVC framework.
  • Rearchitected a normalized MySQL database from existing fragmented database structure.
  • Designed a detailed site frontend written in HTML, CSS and jQuery/JavaScript.

PHP CakePHP Drupal CodeIgniter

Web Developer / Designer @ Southwest Medical & Rehab

March 2009 - April 2011 Phoenix, Arizona

  • Worked alongside senior developer to conceptualize, design, and deploy a custom PHP based e-commerce platform built on Zend Framework.
  • Designed and implemented multiple detailed site layouts written in HTML, CSS and jQuery/JavaScript.
  • Built out a highly available infrastructure for hosting of the e-commerce platform.
  • Increased traffic to all sites via email campaigns and search engine optimizations.


Solution Center Technician @ PetSmart Store Support Group

February 2008 - March 2009 Phoenix, Arizona

  • Provided over-the-phone technical support to store and corporate employees.
  • Performed advanced troubleshooting on Windows based store servers, registers, and workstations.

Windows Networking
Work experience and job history.

Directory Lister

Directory Lister is a PHP application that exposes the contents of your web-accessible folders for browsing and sharing. Featuring a zero configuration, drag-and-drop installation for quick and easy setup.

Directory Lister

PHP Slim Framework Vue.js Tailwind CSS


Twine is a simple string manipulation library with an expressive, fluent syntax.

Twine takes an object-oriented approach to making string manipulation and comparisons easy and readable. With Twine every string is an object. This gives you power and flexibility that native strings do not have in PHP.

Check out the slides from my azPHP presentation or the article on Laravel News.


use PHLAK\Twine;

$string = new Twine\Str('john pinkerton');

$string->uppercase(Twine\Config::WORDS); // 'John Pinkerton'
$string->substring(5, 4)->equals('pink'); // true
$string->words(); // ['john', 'pinkerton']

PHP Composer Packagist Git Version Control Travis CI


A color changing clock, the background color changes with every hour, minute and second.


Vue.js Tailwind CSS Sass / SCSS Git Version Control Netlify


A semantic versioning helper library for PHP.

Featured on Laravel News


use PHLAK\SemVer;

$version = new SemVer\Version('v1.2.3');

$version->incrementMinor(); // v1.2.3 -> v1.3.0
$version->incrementPatch(); // v1.3.0 -> v1.3.1

PHP Composer Packagist Semantic Versioning Git Version Control

azPHP Presentation: PsySh

My presentation on psysh, a terminal-based interactive PHP debugger and REPL for the azPHP June, 2019 meeting.



Simple, fluent PHP caching library.


use PHLAK\Stash;

$stash = new Stash::memcached(function ($memcached) {
    $memcached->addServer('localhost', 11211);

$stash->put('foo', $data, 5); // Cache $data for 5 minutes
$stash->has('foo'); // True if 'foo' is in the cahce
$stash->get('foo'); // Retrievs the 'foo' from the cache

PHP Memcached Redis


Homepage for the PHX2600, the Phoenix, Arizona Network of Hackers.

Vue.js Tailwind CSS Jigsaw Netlify


PHP library for easy configuration management.


use PHLAK\Config\Config;

$config = new Config('path/to/config/databse.yaml');

$config->set('port', 3307); // Sets 'port' config item
$config->get('hostname'); // Returns 'localhost'



Measure the passing of time.


use PHLAK\Chronometer\Timer;

Timer::start(); // 1562650807.427
Timer::lastLap()->duration(); // 5.8519079685211
Timer::stop(); // 1562650817.0831
Timer::elapsed(); // 9.6561479568481

PHP Composer Packagist

Uber Gallery

An easy to use, simple to manage, web photo gallery written in PHP.

Software and web projects.

DeVry University

July 2005 - February 2008

  • Bachelor's of Science Degree in Network and Communication Management

Shadow Mountain High School

July 2001 - May 2005

  • Received high school diploma
  • Graduated National Honor Society member

Educational history and achievements.
  • Eagle Scout
  • Attended Laracon 2016, 2018
  • Attended Laracon Online 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Regular azPHP attendee/presenter
  • Active PHX2600 member
  • Past attendee of Defcon Security Conference
  • Regular attendee of CactusCon Security Conference
  • Active in various online and community events
Miscellaneous accomplishments.