Directory Lister 3 (beta) is here!

I'm excited to announce the immediate availability of Directory Lister 3 Beta for testing and feedback. Everyone is encouraged to download the Directory Lister 3 beta and start testing today. Head on over to to get started.

Directory Lister 3

Directory Lister 3 was rebuilt from the ground up both inside and out. The biggest changes are under the hood including being rebuilt on top of PHP Slim framework and utilizing PHP-DI to take advantage of modern development practices. This should make ongoing development much easier and hopefully result in faster/more frequent updates.

In addition a brand new theme (seen above) is front and center featuring light and dark modes to suit your individual needs. The updated theme is fully responsive so it looks and works great on mobile devices. We've also included out-of-the-box file search and readme parsing to help people find the files and information they need quickly. And don't worry, the essential features of version 2 are still around. Directory Lister 3 remains easy to install and configure (maybe even easier than v2) with custom sort ordering, hidden file support and built-in file hashing.

This has been a long time coming and truly wish I could have delivered something sooner. As the sole developer working on this in my spare time other things (family, work, life, etc.) have taken priority. However, after several months of work and preparation I'm confident Directory Lister 3 will deliver a quality solution for your listing needs as well as become a platform on which to continue building upon for much time to come.

Please join us on our Spectrum community to discuss features and provide feedback leading up to the final release. You may also join our Slack workspace and don't forget to follow @DirectoryLister on Twitter for news and updates.

Lastly, and this is by no means necessary, if you find Directory Lister useful please consider contributing via a monthly sponsorship or a one time donation.

Send comments to @PHLAK.